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Furnishing a hotel with Contract Design

As some of you may already know, Contract Design finds one of its best expressions in projects involving accommodation facilities and luxury hotels. In particular, we are talking about Design Hotels and Boutique Hotels, which need a coherent atmosphere to completely envelop guests and transport them to another world.

What a Contract Design Company Does

When a contract design company receives a request to carry out a project for an accommodation facility, it defines with the client the work that is to be done, receiving input on the atmosphere and feelings that it wishes to convey to the end customer. Then later, but before work begins, the maximum expenditure, or budget, is set. To realise a hotel, following a Contract Design project, the end customer must be taken into consideration. Are they families or are they professionals travelling for work? Are they couples or are they young people looking for an exclusive place to spend a few days? Once this is clarified, it will be easier to understand the style and character to be given to a hotel.

The General Contractor, the professional figure who will carry out the project and deliver it finished to the client, will understand what the client wants and will put together the various figures who will have to realise the project: architects, craftsmen, interior designers, decorators, builders. In fact, a Contract Design project does not only include the furnishings, but also any masonry work, such as plasterboard or extension of rooms, laying of flooring, electrical, automation or security systems, painting, and everything else that will need to be done to transform the environment and give shape to the wishes of the client. But that’s not all. In fact, a Contract Design project includes

Advantages of Contract Design in hotels

Deciding to furnish a hotel with Contract Design has several advantages. The first is that you will be able to realise a complete and coherent project down to the smallest detail. But that’s not all, in fact thanks to Contract Design it will be possible to contain expenses because the budget will be decided before starting work.

There will therefore be no more running costs, also because there will be only one contact person, the General Contractor, who will take care of everything, managing relations with the various collaborators and craftsmen, freeing the client from any thoughts, worries or duties. As well as being extremely convenient, this aspect also makes it possible to contain the costs of the entire job and manage delivery times better, ensuring greater punctuality. Thanks to Contract, it will be possible to realise environments and rooms of any size, from large hotels to smaller ones. From the point of view of customer loyalty, it is important to offer a well-kept and competitive hotel, also in terms of design.

The Importance of Contract Design in Hotels

Nowadays, travellers, whether for business or pleasure, choose a hotel on the basis of different parameters than in the past. Now the need is to spend a few days in an exclusive, unique place. Travellers are looking for an experience to be lived. A space that has been thought out down to the smallest detail, such as can be found in a design hotel or a boutique hotel, makes it possible to live it.

To do this, it is necessary to set up a Contract Design project. These, however, contrary to what many people think, are not only applied to large structures or chains, but also to smaller ones. A hotel in fact has different types of environment within it: the rooms, the restaurant, the spa, the lobby and much more. Each of these must follow a common thread and be in harmony with all the others. By using a Contract Design company, all the hotel’s rooms will be united by a unique style that will also evoke positive feelings in customers.

Design hotels, as well as boutique hotels, are luxury hotels, designed down to the last detail. They have certain special features that make them so special, especially from the point of view of ambience and furnishings. In the past they could only be found in big cities, today they are almost everywhere, but not all of them can be called authentic design hotels. In fact, to be defined in this way, a hotel must have a design, have an artistic content, with objects and furnishings

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