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Furnishing with Contract Design: all the advantages

For some years now, there has been increasing talk in furniture and interior design magazines, or at dedicated events, of Contract Design. This trend has many advantages, yet the definition is not always unambiguous. Let’s find out together what it is.

What is Contract Design

When we speak of Contract Design, we are referring to an ‘all-inclusive’ type of luxury furniture, which includes furnishings, upholstery, paintings and everything else that can be used to make an environment classy and welcoming. These furnishings are custom-made by large luxury furniture manufacturers and are chosen and commissioned by third-party companies through a coordinating figure, called the General Contractor. In Contract Design, an environment is conceived and designed down to the smallest detail, starting from the initial drawing, passing through the installation of the systems to the final details concerning the furnishings.

What Contract Design Is Not

Sometimes there is confusion between the meaning of ‘contract design’ and supply. Buying a supply of furniture, for example for hotel rooms, does not mean contract design of a room. Contract Design is not about supplying all the same furniture, but about projects realised in a broader perspective. It is not even about making made-to-measure furniture because Contract Design also includes the laying of flooring, wall coverings, painting, plasterboard and masonry work, if needed. In Contract Design a furnishing project is thought out from start to finish.

The Benefits of Contract Design

Obviously, turning to a Contract Design company has several advantages. Both in terms of the practicality of having a turnkey project and the certainty of obtaining a coherent result, thought out from start to finish, and above all ready to live in. Carrying out a complete fitting out of a building will guarantee optimisation, organicity and enhancement of an environment. You will not have to make compromises and everything will be as you imagined it, but above all you will no longer have to worry about anything because the General Contractor will do it for you. Finally, a not inconsiderable advantage, thanks to Contract Design you will be able to contain your costs, because they will be decided at the beginning of the work and the budget will be respected.

A complete project

The main advantage of Contract Design is the comprehensive service it can offer, whether for hotels and accommodation facilities, or for private, luxurious or designer residences. In fact, thanks to Contract Design, it will be possible to obtain a complete project, realised by a single company, or led by a single company, within a set time. In fact, in a Contract project both painting and masonry works can be included, passing through heating or air conditioning systems, to complete with furniture and upholstery. Better if Made In Italy, still synonymous with great quality, both in our country and abroad.

Furnishing luxury hotels with Contract Design

Contract Design is an increasingly popular formula for furnishing luxury environments such as large hotels, offices or magnificent private residences. In fact, more and more companies producing designer furniture are entering the Contract world. L2G is a leading brand in this sector, and has been realising projects for offices, store & concept stores, hotels, villas and castles for years. With its showroom in Via Durini, L2G is one of the most important Contract Design brands in Milan, but not only. In fact, L2G, which has been collaborating for years with some of the most important companies in the luxury furnishing sector, is able to follow and realise projects all over Italy. L2G’s Contract Division gives shape to an environment imagined according to the needs of the end customer. Hotels, for example, contain environments that are also very different from each other: the common areas, the rooms, the restaurant, the swimming pool, the lobby, the bar and much more. Each of these must be thought out down to the smallest detail, to be truly functional, and only with Contract Design is this possible. In fact, the General Contractor who will take care of a hotel will think about the design, of course, but also about the lighting system, home automation, curtains and upholstery in general, even down to choosing paintings and knick-knacks. And the project, once finished, will be ready to live in.

Luxury residences furnished with Contract Design

Turning to a General Contractor to realise your furnishing project means having the certainty of obtaining an environment conceived and designed from top to bottom according to your needs. In fact, Contract Design is not only useful for furnishing an accommodation facility, but also a domestic environment. Any large room can be furnished thanks to Contract Design. Even a residence can be made even more prestigious thanks to such a project. The important thing is always to choose a company that pays attention to detail, that proposes luxurious solutions in terms of design and choice of furniture, which will be made of precious materials, and provides the client with a General Contractor who can realise a project tailor-made for him. L2G’s luxury contract division proposes furnishing solutions created and produced by the best Made In Italy companies, guaranteeing the best of craftsmanship combined with the most innovative design. All the projects realised by L2G are united by the fact that they are unforgettable. The choice of the General Contractor is in fact fundamental to guarantee a result with a sure emotional impact.

How a contract design company works

A Contract Design company does not need to produce the furniture in-house. Very often it collaborates, just as L2G does, with other important brands in the sector. This guarantees continuous research and proposals that are always in step with the times. Moreover, thanks to this methodology, it is possible to customise any project. In fact, a customer turning to a Contract Design company will tell the type of environment he or she wants to create, the atmosphere, then it will be the task of the Contract Design company to give shape to this idea. Flexibility is everything, which is why it is good that a contract company does not also deal with the production and sale of furniture. Even if present within the same company, they must be two separate departments. Once the budget and project have been defined, the various professionals can be involved: engineers, interior designers, architects, craftsmen and service providers. It is important that all partners involved in a project are reliable. In fact, one of the advantages of using a contract design company is that relationships with suppliers and various collaborations are well established.
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