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Contract Division


Our Interior Design Contract Division specialises in combining the needs of luxury furnishings with a high-visual and emotional impact with the classic budget needs of large orders.



Whether it is executive offices, stores & concept stores, common parts of hotels, hotel rooms and suites, bars & food, large kitchens, villas, castles, working spaces or palaces, L2G Interior Design Contract Division identifies the most appropriate design to give body to your spaces, conveying emotions that will make the experience of being in contact unforgettable for anyone.

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Contract Design:

Contract design is the right solution to create a complete hospitality project, in every aspect. If you have a luxury hotel, a residence or a resort, the Interior Design Contract Division of L2G can guarantee you a “turnkey” product. Our professionals will take care of every detail, from the search for the best furnishings with some of the most important players in the luxury sector, up to the final installation. We guarantee a complete and “ready to use” service. To offer a complete L2G service, in addition to the design of the various spaces of the structure, whether it is a hotel or an office, upon request, it will take care of masonry, painting, plasterboard works, tapestries and choice of furnishing accessories. All the professional skills will be coordinated by us so that you no longer have to worry about anything if you do not enjoy the finished job.


The world of hospitality is ever-changing, year after year, embracing the idea of offering its customers a unique and unforgettable experience. Nowadays, the trend of luxury hotels is to offer an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience. To do this, it is necessary to think about the design of a structure from 10,000 feet, creating spaces to live in and complete down to the smallest details.

Our contract furnishing solutions are mainly designed for the hotel sector, in particular residences, luxury hotels and hotels, and residential. With L2G you will always have the certainty of obtaining a quality, complete, innovative project with a refined design. As with all products signed by L2G, even those in the contract sector do not betray the guidelines that have always distinguished the company, now a symbol of Made in Italy.

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When we talk about “contract design” we do not refer to the simple furnishing activity, but to spaces furnished functionally to meet the needs of those who will live there. L2G offers a complete contract service for the construction of hotels, offices and buildings with an international feel. Once you have met our professionals, decided which technical specifications of the project you intend to carry out with them, then you can set the project’s delivery times. Punctuality and flexibility are two fundamental elements for a contract design project. L2G, thanks to the experience gained in the field of luxury furniture, guarantees maximum precision in compliance with deliveries so that the service offered is always excellent.

The figure of the General Contractor

The person who coordinates and organises every activity is the General Contractor. He will relate to the customer and various professionals so that all phases of the work are carried out according to plan and by respecting the established deadlines. In addition, the General Contractor will be responsible for the project, budget and time management. Among the activities that can be dealt with are the furnishings, which will be designed and manufactured in collaboration with the finest luxury and design brands, but also the systems and any masonry interventions. In addition, furnishing accessories can also be included in the contract design project: lighting, carpets, vases and many other objects that will contribute to making a welcoming and personalised environment, down to the last detail.

A contract project is a tailor-made solution that adapts to the needs of any customer and interior architectural project. L2G creates products, always of the highest quality, with a recognisable style of furnishing.

Nothing will be left to chance, from the lighting to the choice of colours.

The luxury furnishings of L2G Contract Division are characterised by the precision of industrial processing combined with the care and love for details and finishes typical of craftsmanship. These two souls, as well as a constant nod to the future and new trends, characterise all L2G projects.

L2G – An all-Italian design

L2G brings Italian design to the world of contract. Hotels, buildings, offices are conceived as unique environments, to provide an all-around experience. The complete furnishings of L2G are guided by a single common thread, which unites materials, colours and fabrics. The final project will be totally immersive and consistent down to the last detail. The style of L2G will be recognisable in every project, thanks to an approach consolidated by years of experience in the creation of luxury furnishings. At every stage of your project, you will find a professional to support you, who will manage a team of craftsmen and technicians. Thanks to contract design, however, you will have only one interlocutor to relate to.

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The spaces designed by L2G Contract Division are not only beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, but are also functional thanks to home automation. A hotel, a residence or a luxury hotel can be considered as such if they allow the customer to experience the environment comfortably. There are numerous environments inside a hotel or an office and are all intended for a particular function. For this reason, they must be optimised and follow a precise and recognisable style of furnishing at the same time. The furnishing of an environment must not only strike at first glance but must also allow you to experience an environment with tranquillity, healthiness and psycho-physical pleasure. The technology will be silent, ventilation systems will guarantee continuous air change and complete elimination of annoying odours, the works of art will be a pleasure for the eyes, while the fabrics, seductive to the touch. All the environments designed by L2G will be beautiful to look at, tastefully furnished and complete in detail, but at the same time, they will make life easier inside. This is our way of understanding design.

Assistance throughout the journey

L2G guarantees continuous assistance and consultancy, at any stage of the project: from the conception to the installation of the furnishings. Furthermore, we can also collaborate on already existing projects, bringing our experience to improve the final realisation.


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